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YouTube is discontinuing the ‘Stories’ feature after it miserably failed to attract audience attention.              



YouTube Stories feature

YouTube stories face a slow death, users to bid farewell to new posts beginning June 26th.

YouTube has announced the discontinuation of its Stories feature, a temporary post format, starting in June. Effective June 26th, users will no longer be able to share new Stories, and any existing posts will automatically expire after a period of seven days.

Originally introduced in 2017 under the name Reels, Stories were initially accessible only to users boasting a subscriber count exceeding 10,000. Modeled after a concept popularized by Instagram (which, in turn, drew inspiration from Snapchat), YouTube Stories allowed creators to share timely updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes content to engage with their audience. However, despite its initial promise, the Stories feature has failed to gain substantial traction. Access to the feature has been limited, with only a handful of creators actively utilizing it, and even YouTube itself has not given it significant promotion.

As a result of limited user engagement, YouTube has made the decision to remove the Stories feature from its platform. This move signifies the company’s commitment to optimizing and refining its offerings, streamlining its features to align with the preferences and needs of its user base. With Stories fading into the background, YouTube will likely focus its attention on enhancing other existing features and exploring innovative avenues to provide an enriched experience for its creators and viewers alike.

Community Posts is a better alternative.

YouTube is pushing producers to use Community Posts and Shorts to address the absence of Stories feature. As a result of the company’s recent expansion of Community Posts, creators are now able to publish text-based updates that can be set to expire after a certain amount of time, recognising the importance of engaging content updates. Creators can use this tool to publish a wide variety of content, such as surveys, tests, photographs, and videos. These Community Posts are prominently displayed in a separate tab on channels, promoting more audience engagement.

YouTube has been actively investing in Shorts, its own competitor in the quickly changing market now dominated by TikTok, in an effort to take advantage of the rising popularity of short-form video content. Even those who are used to making conventional long-form videos, the platform actively encourages producers to explore the potential of shorter content formats. YouTube updated its monetization strategy in February, rewarding creators with a portion of the short-form video ad revenue. This action shows how dedicated the platform is towards rewarding and encouraging creators for their contributions to the Shorts ecosystem.

YouTube Shorts were a big hit.

YouTube is making a conscious effort to give content producers additional options for connecting with their audience and making money off of their work by utilising the Community Posts feature and leveraging the growing popularity of Shorts. These programmes highlight YouTube’s continuous dedication to supporting content producers and promoting a thriving and diverse content ecosystem on the platform.

While various platforms have embraced the ephemeral story format initially introduced by Snapchat, it is noteworthy that YouTube is not the pioneering platform to discontinue this feature. One may recall the fleeting nature of Twitter’s “Fleets,” which swiftly vanished from the platform within a mere year of their introduction.


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